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Havana Estudio Firsts:

* 1st Salsa & Street Latin School in Malaysia, incorporated Cuban & Columbian style Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Mexican, Lambada, Latin Fusion, and other South American rhythms (1998), studio repertoire included Bachata, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Rhythm Tap, and Capoeira (2004),
* 1st to teach Partnerwork & Shines in Salsa (2001),
* 1st to teach Rueda de Casino at high level (2002),
* 1st to teach Salsa Shines, Partnerwork, and Spinning at very high level (2003),
* 1st to teach Body Movement, Ladies' Shines & Styling (2003),
* 1st to organize Salsa Socials in the studio (2003),
* 1st to teach Bachata (2004),
* 1st to represent Malaysia at an international salsa congress with a group performance (2004),
* 1st to teach San Francisco, New York, Miami, London and other European styles of Salsa (2005),
* 1st to teach Street Chacha (2010),
* 1st to organize Beginners' Socials (2011),
* 1st to incorporate credit card / debit card / paypal payment for class fees (2012),


Corporate Clients:

HP, IBM, Anderson Consulting, Accenture, J.W. Marriot, Sheraton Imperial, Istana Hotel, Concorde Hotel, KL Hilton, and much more (to be updated soon).


Salsa nights hosted by Havana Estudio:

Modesto's Jalan Ampang, La Rouge KL Hilton, Juanita PJ Crystal Crown, Viva PJ Eastin Hotel, Bilique Bangsar, Little Havana, Salsa Havana KL Federal Hotel, Paradize The Lodge.


Historial Landmarks:

1998 Sharie Dekorte incorporated Havana Estudio in Malaysia (Apr'98). 1st Salsa & Street Latin School. Dances include Cuban & Columbian style Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Lambada, and other Cuban and South American rhythms.

2001 Havana Estudio launched a "Strictly Salsa" motto and incorporates a completely new Cross Body-style of Salsa style also known as Puerto Rican "On 1" or "LA Style" Salsa. 1st to teach Partnerwork & Shines in Malaysia.

2002 Havana Estudio's "Rueda de Casino" program incorporated Cuban & Miami styles Salsa at a very high level, as an extension of our core Salsa "LA Style" program.

2002 Represented Singapore & Malaysia at West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles, USA (May'02).

2003 Havana Estudio's instructors incorporated "On 2" style in their repertoire including Singapore, London & New York styles of Salsa (Jan'03). Shines, Partnerwork, and Spinning at very high level incorporated in Core Salsa program.

2003 Studio premises moved from Ampang to Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Apr'03). Happy 5th Anniversary, Havana Estudio!

2003 Havana Estudio's "Ladies' Shines & Styling" program incorporates Body Movement. 1st to teach in Malaysia.

2004 Havana Estudio's Bachata program incorporates Classic & Sensual styles of Bachata. 1st to teach Bachata in Malaysia.

2004 Represented Malaysia at Japan Salsa Congress, Tokyo, Japan (Oct'04).

2005 Represented Malaysia at West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles, USA (May'05) with Malaysian and international dancers including from Japan and United Kingdom.

2005 Havana Estudio's instructors incorporated San Francisco, New York, Miami, London and other European styles of Salsa in their repertoire. Core Salsa program no longer called "LA Style" but Salsa "On 1". Happy 7th Anniversary, Havana Estudio!

2006 Sam & Aisha incorporated Havana Estudio Salsa Division in Malaysia (Jan'06). HQ at Persiaran Zaaba, Salsa Division at Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, both in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

2006 Havana Estudio's instructors incorporated Cuban folkloric rhythms like the Cuban Son, various forms of the Cuban Rumba, and other rhythms into their repertoire. Asere Japan & Bailattelo Switzerland were invited as guest instructors (Nov-Dec'06).

2006-2012 Invited to teach & perform at salsa congresses, festivals, and events in Malaysia & overseas.

While we continue to be engaged with salsa congresses & festivals, we believe firmly in establishing a firm base of classes & training in Malaysia to focus on building the local Salsa scene.

For our higher-level dancers, we have established a Student Performance program since 2006 which incorporates social dancing and performance dancing. After years of rigorous training, we are producing dance Instructors of a high level, and continue to see a lot of good development at all levels of our Salsa program, from absolute beginners to seasoned dancers / performers.

- Sam Sopiee a.k.a. "SalsaSam", Artistic Director, Havana Estudio (05/12/12)