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Bachata Dance Classes

Learn how to dance Bachata from the founder of Bachata in Malaysia. Sam has been teaching Bachata since 2004. He will teach you all the basics, and as you progress to higher levels, we will focus less on steps and turns but more on good body movement. Your social dancing will never be the same! Essential for all social dancers...

Requires Salsa / social dance experience, or permission of Instructor (please see below).

Class fees are RM240 for 8 weeks. Credit or Paypal payments available.

For Bachata intakes with more than once a week classes, choose from either a week night or week end class. Every week, the two classes mirror each other, so if you can't make one, contact us, and we'll arrange for you to attend the other class so you won't miss your once a week classes!

Most people come in after-work clothes, workout outfits, or just as they are. As is with our Salsa classes, we always recommend proper dance shoes because you'll develop proper dance technique and most importantly: you'll look amazing!

Until you get your dance shoes, please: no slippers, crocs, sticky bottoms, or dancing with bare feet / socks. Please talk to your instructor.

Students or Alum of Havana Estudio are given the privilege of free use of our studio, with our lovely air-conditioning and our music player during our open hours. Just show up with a few of your class mates, other students, or Alum of our school. Enjoy the music, practice your moves, and have fun!

Join us at our month-end Salsa Social (studio parties) which will play 2 Bachata songs every 30 minutes. We try to get all students from Bachata and Salsa classes to come and practice their moves, get to know other students, and have a good time dancing. It's all very social-social... Check out a list of Salsa Clubs in the Klang Valley, and see you on the dance floor!

Bachata Level 1 - Classic & Fusion Bachata

Requires Salsa experience or permission of Instructor.

Learn cool Bachata moves to dance at Salsa dance parties, by the beach, or with your dance partner! We teach the "Classic" style open-position Bachata style without closed connection to give newcomers a quick way to learn moves, and a progression over time to work on good Bachata body movement in preparation for Level 2 closed-contact / Fusion Bachata.

The first class will break away from traditional Salsa turn patterns and focus on body movement, and giving your partner "feeling" before stepping. Bachata is amazing when danced with feeling first, and patterns later (different than spin-characteristic of Salsa).

While we do require some basic Salsa experience to join this class, Classic-style Bachata is easily danced with anyone and is very social-social! As is with our Salsa classes, we will be changing partners so you can improve your lead and follow skills.

Bachata Intermediate

Requires Bachata experience. Will focus mainly on Sensual Bachata with some Classic Bachata. Not for the weak-kneed or faint-hearted, we teach a variety of Bachata moves that will really complete your night of Salsa dancing. Social dance experience and good Bachata body movement is essential. You will learn how to dance from your centre to create movement, how to dance with your partner with feeling, and most importantly ... to the music!