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Enjoy Early Bird Discounts


Early bird discounts apply when money is received before class 1 day. For your convenience, we are also accepting online or bank transfers.


Pay safely with Online Transfers

1. Make online transfers into our company account:

Bank Name: CIMB Bank Berhad (not CIMB Islamic)

A/C No: 8007998481 under name: Havana Estudio PLT

2. Send a copy or snapshot to Admin @HavanaEstudio at 012-901-8690 or +60 (12) 901-8690, WhatsApp preferred, SMS ok but receipt will sent via MMS.

3. Use "Instant Bank Transfer" (your bank charges apply) and not the regular "Inter Bank Giro" if you don't have a CIMB account or the class intake is more than 1-2 days from today. If money comes in after class 1 day, then Normal class fees apply.

Updated (16/05/16): we can now confirm payments made on a previous week day (sorry best we can do with CIMB's limitations).

This page created & updated (19/04/16): for the next 4-6 weeks, all transactions can only be confirmed on Mon or Fri in the week, and receipts will be issued to payors after confirmation of money in the account.


From 22 July '15 to 17 May'16, we have received an overall positive response

with over 351 transactions and so far 100% satisfaction

regarding security, safety, timeliness, and receipts.


Get Discounts, Get Packages!

For continuning students - who have completed at least 8 classes at our studio - enjoy some decent discounts between 8% and 21% off when you buy packages of 16, 24, or 32 classes in advance. Below are our Cash and Card pricesSave on Paypal merchant fees - between RM25 and RM35 - by paying in cash at our studio. Our online prices are:

Class Prices - Packages - Online Table

Updated (01/08/16): we are soon going to accept credit card or debit card purchases. Currently we are under-going testing to make sure that CIMB's Plug & Pay works!


For urgent response, questions, or confirmation, please contact Admin @HavanaEstudio at 012-901-8690 or SalsaSam @HavanaEstudio at 012-280-6969.


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