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Q: Why learn Salsa dancing?

A: Nowadays, knowing how to Salsa dance is an essential social skill! Most people who learn our style of Salsa really enjoy social dancing. It's a great way to exercise, meet new people, and an immediate ice-breaker when you can show off some basic moves to your friends!

Q: What are your studio credentials?

A: We don't like to list out our competitive success, invitationals to Salsa congresses and festivals in Malaysia and worldwide, and try to hard-sell you why we're awesome. We'd like to focus on our students, many of whom are still dancing after years and years. We prefer to emphasize what our students say (see Student Testimony on right), and how they enjoy our classes. And lots and lots of social dancing, of course!

Q: What's your teaching style?

A: We are known for our caring and passionate instructors, who emphasize teaching good fundamentals in a fun atmosphere. Many students come to us without ever stepping foot into any dance club. And learn how to dance like there's no tomorrow! We will guide you from classroom to practice time to social dancing - your entire Salsa exprience!

Q: I have absolutely no experience in dancing! But I am very keen...

A: Most people who take our Salsa "Beginner 1" or Level 1 class have zero dance experience. So, don't worry most people are just like you. While there will always be some with some students who join our classes with dance experience, everyone progresses together. Just do it - you won't regret it!!

Q: How much are classes?

A: RM240 cash will take care of you for 8 consecutive weeks, 1 class a week, 1 hour a class. Nothing else, that's it. In celebrating our 14th Anniversary, we are offering special rate of RM200 for our Salsa "Beginner 1" classes. Call us!

Q: When can I start?

A: All students start from the 1st class of an intake, and we have new intakes starting every month.

Q: Please tell me more about classes...

A: We go very slowly, we break it down, and do lots of repetition. A lot of students make friends in class, come early or stay back after class to practice... it's really fun! When you find the beat and start practicing, time passes really fast!

Q: So what do I do now?

A: Do drop by our studio, come check us out... if you like what you see, then by all means complete your registration form with your class fees, and this will confirm a place for you in our next intake!

Q: Can I make bookings over the phone?

A: Yes, of course! While registration will be confirmed on a 1st paid 1st served bases, we'll definitely keep you updated. We always want to encourage you to please come in person to our studio. Do register with payment early to avoid disappointment!

As one student put it to us, "it all started at Havana Estudio". We sincerely hope to guide you in your Salsa journey and help you form some wonderful dance memories, at Havana Estudio...

Student Testimony

3 letters: F-U-N!!! :-)

Christine Wu (Jan'10 Intake)

Coming back to the studio always brings back a lot of good memories.

Robin Koh (Jun'03 Intake), Instructor, Fusion Dance Shaghai, China.

This is the man that showed me salsa, that influenced my love for salsa and also influenced my style of teaching. I've learned from the best!

Johan Haris ('02 Intake), Latin Dance Nation, Australia.

Salsa's a good form of body therapy. u gonna meet lots of exciting people at Havana Estudio :)

Maslina Mohamad (Jan'11 Intake)

Salsa is a life-changing experience. Enjoyable music, intricate dance moves, THIS is life...

Andrew Tng (Sep'05 Intake)

Great teachers, fun company, and class environment. We're coming back to classes soon! :)

Serina Sue Ibrahim (Feb'11 Intake)

Salsa makes me feel sexy n confident, Havana Estudio is the best place to learn n enjoy!

Ong Tou (Oct'06 Intake)

You guys are the bomb!! Super proud to be a Havana Estudio student!!

Adela Ida (Feb'08 Intake)

It used to be time-out after work. Now part of my life, Salsa is sexy & sensual. And everyone is so friendly.

Tang Wei Yee (Apr'10 Intake)

I love the structure... I've learned solid technique which is key to being confident on the dance floor. All thanks to Havana Estudio!

Arin Askandar (Sep'09 Intake)

The best place to meet the coolest people in town, Havana Estudio instructors are fun & lively! Let's salsa and forget all the other stuff :)

Fong Kit Wah (Oct'10 Intake)

Salsa's an awesome dance, challenging n expressive. To experience is to indulge...

Freddy Loh (Jul'07 Intake)

Havana Estudio's given me a solid foundation. The creativity of partnerwork I've learned is second to none - they're fun & it works on the dance floor!

Tung Swee Puan ('05 Intake)

Salsa is sensual. I like Havana Estudio bcoz I enjoy da company. They r down to earth people...

Diana Jaafar (Jun'07 Intake)

Dancing is good 4 body, mind, n spirit. Salsa is spontaneous, easy n fun. Instructors are methodical, pleasant n encouraging...

James Ong (Jul'09 Intake)

Thank for giving me such good training in following. Also, for producing so many fun social dancers over the years...

Marion Qua (Feb'05 Intake)

You are the best master I have seen so far and really thank you so much...

Rajah Muthukrishnansamy (Mar'12 Intake)

It is undeniable that Havana Estudio guys have the best etiquette in town...

Linnet Lee (Jun'09 Intake)

Salsa always puts a smile on my face, keeps me in shape, and I'm always in a better mood...

Darren Tan (Apr'10 Intake)

I found joy in Salsa. Havana Estudio's not just a studio it's a family. Great friendships can be found in dancing...

Jameela Abdul Manap (Apr'10 Intake)

Experienced & passionate, our instructors understand & patiently guide students. For someone who has never danced before this, now I can. Thanks, Havana Estudio!

Bernard Lee (Oct'10 Intake)

Life = Fun! = Salsa!! = Havana Estudio!!

Regina Neoh (Jun'07 Intake)

I found Salsa is a healthy social activity. And Havana Estudio is a good place where I learn from day one. Instructors have passion in teaching!

Jai Othman (Jul'08 Intake)

Salsa is a very expressive dance, Havana Estudio is great because instructors make learning so fun & easy!

Teoh Sue Ling (Jan'11 Intake)

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