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Rhythm Tap Dance Classes

We aim to promote tap dance as an art form in Malaysia through performances, workshops, lectures/demonstrations and word-of-mouth. There are two focuses: performances and tap education. One concept that underlies all rhythm tap dance is its highly musical approach that emphasizes rhythmic statement.

The dancer is not just a dancer; he or she is also a musician (specifically, a percussionist) who uses his or her tap shoes as a musical instrument. And contrary to popular belief, one can tap dance to any style of music or groove! Rhythm tap is essentially looking at tap’s original essence - rhythmic expression with an emphasis on the musicality/expression of tap. More importantly, the message is that tap can exist with alternative music forms like pop, hip-hop and funk/R&B! The aim is to present tap as an exciting and hip dance and music form. Visit him online.

Mon 8:00-9:00pm
Mon 9:00-10:00pm
Tue 8:30-10:00pm

RM100 for 4 classes.

We recommend Tap dance shoes. Please talk to your instructor.

Toh Kong Eu has been a rhythm tap artist for the past 11 years, performing, choreographing and teaching mainly in the Klang Valley and Singapore where he has given workshops. He has studied with many of the contemporary tap masters of today such as Savion Glover, Dianne Walker, Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy and Van Porter. He is a regular fixture at various international tap festivals such as the Chicago Human Rhythm Project, the St. Louis Tap Festival, as has performed at the New York City Tap Festival, the Southern California Tap Festival and National Tap Seminar held near Denver, Colorado.

Since returning from the US in 1997, Kong Eu has choreographed and performed in numerous dances - solos, small groups, ensemble and improvisational pieces. To date, Kong Eu has been featured in The Star, New Straits Times and magazines such as Her World and Personal Money. In addition, Kong Eu has made television appearances on programs such as Jojo's Ticket to Wellbeing and The Breakfast Show on NTV7, Hello on Two on RTM2, X-fresh TV/Macam Macam Aznil on Astro and the 8TV Quickie. Major performances by the Rhythm Tappers @ Malaysia include the 2006 New Year's Eve event - Floatparty, and promotions for the movie Happy Feet, where the ensemble was the main feature. In 2004, Kong Eu also opened for Malaysia's "funny man" Harith Iskandar in his series of stand-up shows at The Actor's Studio.

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