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Our crazy-passionate and attentive Instructors are always excited to teach you how to dance!


Salsa, Salsa, Salsa!

perfect for absolute beginners, no experience necessary, partners optional and not necessary, class time is around 1 hr, confirmed class starting:

Wed 8-9pm (6 Apr*) or Sun 3-4pm (10 Mar*), RM240/8,

*early bird RM200 cash before class 1 day, class days are 90% confirmed and we will SMS you in advanced to reconfirm the 1st day of class, register your name and mobile with us for free / no obligation :)

contact: Emily 012-305-8503 or Sam 012-280-6969

Bachata Classico, Fusion, Sensual

perfect for social dancers, Salsa experience a plus, newbies are recommended to register with a partner, we will change partners in class, class times may vary between 1 hr and 1 1/2 hrs, class starting:

Fri 8-9pm (25 Mar*), RM240/8

*early bird RM220 cash before class 1 day, class days are planned and when we received a good number of students, we will SMS you in advanced to reconfirm the 1st day of class, register your name and mobile with us for free / no obligation :)

contact: Sam 012-280-6969

Salsa at HESD

Rueda de Casino

Salsa experience recommended, calls taught will try to cover a wide-ranging variety commonly associated with Miami / Europe / Cubano calls, RM240/8, class time may vary between 1hr and 1 1/2 hrs, confirmed class starting:

Mon 8:30-10:30pm (21 Mar*), RM240/8hrs

contact: Dom 013-361-9999 or Emily 012-305-8503

Salsa at HESD

Ladies Shines & Styling

Classes are on hold, and Program Director away on maternity leave.

contact Aisha 012-201-8690

Salsa at HESD

Dips, Tricks, and Lifts

We received some very encouraging responses for DLT 101: Dips for Social Dancing. Continuing classes will commence this year. Stay tuned at facebook/havanaestudio/, contact: Sam 012-280-6969
Salsa experience required, social dancing a plus, partners required, changing partners is at the discretion of the instructor,

Street Cha Cha

For those who have a basic command of Salsa, timing, and body movement, these classes will teach the basics of syncopation and musicality to the cheeky rhythms of the Cha Cha Cha!
Salsa experience required, social dancing strongly recommended, contact: Sam 012-280-6969



Importance of Proper Dance Shoes

Most people come in after-work clothes, workout outfits, or just as they are. We always recommend proper dance shoes because you'll develop proper dance technique and most importantly: you'll look amazing!

Until you get your dance shoes, please: no slippers, crocs, sticky bottoms, or dancing with bare feet / socks. Please talk to your instructor.


Join us at our month-end Salsa Social (studio parties). We try to get all students from all levels from Beginner onwards to come and practice their moves, get to know other students, and have a good time dancing Salsa. It's all very social-social... Check out a list of Salsa Clubs in the Klang Valley, and see you on the dance floor!


Salsa Social #143 (27th February, 2016)

Our regular monthly studio party! Not to be missed! Music by DJ Sam bringing you Salsa grooves to get you movin, Salsa dura for the musicality freaks, Timba for our Casineros, Bachata for our bachateros, and and much more! Come social-social, pizza arrives at 10pm, and the dance floor is open until 1am, or 'till y'all go home

No Salsa Experience

Salsa with Havana Estudio

Salsa Beginner 1

is the perfect class for you!!

zero experience necessary (really!)
join others who have never danced Salsa before
partners not necessary, but bring your friends if you want
plan to come once a week

check out the dates here:
RM160 for 6 classes


But I Have Salsa Experience!

Sam's Salsa Improvers

Mon 9-10pm
or Tue 8-9pm
is perfect for you if:

1. You Have Been Taking Casual Classes,
2. Have at least 5-6 month of salsa experience
RM240 for 8 classes,
or RM50 drop-in (1 class)


Sam's Salsa Intermediate 1

Thu 9:00-10:30pm
or Sun 4:00-5:30pm
is perfect for you if:

1. You Have Been Taking Consistent Classes,
2. You Have Been Social Dancing Pretty Regularly
RM240 for 8 classes,
or RM50 drop-in (1 class)



Call Us

Emily 012-305-8503

Dom 013-361-9999



Class Location

56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

very near Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Bandar Utama, and Petaling Jaya


Open Hours

Mon-Fri 7:30pm-10:30pm,

Sat 1:30-6:30pm,

Sun 1:30-6:00pm.



Special Package Prices

Get a discount for full payment of 6-class Series (Beginners) or 8-class Series (Improvers or Intermediatre)

For students who have already tried Salsa B1 and who are ready to commit to more than one Series, we offer super deals with our package prices!


Private Classes

Privates are recommended for students who have a specific goal, who have experience with Salsa especially at the Intermediate level (more than 1 year) and above.