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Come practice your dance moves, with your class mates and dancers from other studios! Our doors are always open!

Great air conditioning and ventilation, music that just makes you wanna get up and dance, and a friendly environment during our socials, parties, and events!

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Each stage of the dance development – Basic, Beginner, Advanced Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, and Advanced – is carefully crafted to engage dancers at the different levels, and to help you be the best dancer you can be! And have tons of fun doing it!!

The Artistic Director

join Sam’s group classes, or schedule a private, or rent our studio space for your needs!

Sam is versatile dancing Salsa On1 and On2, Salsa Cubana, Rueda De Casino, as well as Dominicana, Moderna, and Sensual styles of Bachata. With no formal training in dancing, he learned 21-dance DanceSport, Eddie Torres Salsa On2, and Rueda de Casino while in college, and has spent his entire career learning and sharing what he is passionate about – feeling and dancing to the music!

He has as established system for teaching Salsa and Bachata since 2003, and continually keeping with the trends in Salsa On1, Mambo on2, Bachata Dominicana, Moderna, and Sensual Bachata. He has been actively choreographing group and solo performances since 2002 to date, and there is no stopping his continuous learning and creativity!

Salsa Division

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Aisha loves it when she sees students dance and have fun. And to be able to achieve what they learned in class on the dance floor. When she first hit El Nino, she was known as “Aisha Groove” with her earthy body rolls, hip moves, and arm styling. Today, for students who have a good command of following turns, she incorporates hand style and body groove into her classes.

Today she is a styling specialist and choreographer for Ladies groups like “La Ninas” (2003-2004), all of Havana Estudio performance teams (2005-2010), and her Ladies performance teams (2014-2016).

Salsa & Urban Kiz Division

join Adela’s group classes, or schedule a private!

Adela has always been fond of dance, but was never given a chance to really explore it, until she joined Havana Estudio. “My housemate signed me up. I had no knowledge about Salsa at all. I went for class, enjoyed every bit of it, and I’m still here 13 years later!”

Her biggest satisfaction as a teacher is being able to watch her students enjoy dancing and apply what they learned. Her favourite performances with Havana Estudio so far have been “El Raton” duet with Aisha (2015), Salseros De Havana (2016) and Xhibela Salseros 1.0 (2019).

Bachata Division

join Priscilla’s group classes, or schedule a Private!

Priscilla learned Rueda & Bachata in New York, and when she came back to Malaysia, she found us and joined classes. She soon made her way up to our improver, then intermediate, and then later performance classes. “I Had a lot of fun doing various performances and haven’t left since.”

“Seeing students own the dance, add their own flare, and feel confident with their bodies … this brings me the greatest satisfaction.” Her performances so far has been “Mi Lugar Es Contigo” at WBF (Nov 2016), at MBLBC (Jan 2017), at Salsa-Lah (Sep 2017), at WBF (Nov 2017), “Hasta El Final” at our Salsa & Bachata Social (2018), and “Sin Censura” with Xhibela Bachateros at WBF (Nov 2019). More coming soon!

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