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Havana Estudio is known for our quality, some of the best dance programs for social dancing and street style dance (Salsa / Bachata / Rueda de Casino). Established by Sherrie Dekorte on 18th April 1998, we’ve had many pioneering dance programs and haved shared our passion for dancing with many students, some of whom who are still enjoying a lifetime of dancing today.

When we re-opened in Sep ’21 we also were blessed to also have guest instructors include in our class roster – Yoga Wellness program with Monika from Naturosuisse Consult and the incredible team of Lindy Hop instructors with Iylia, Bobo, Danny, Jenn, and so many others from KL Swing. Together with Sam, Aisha, and Priscilla, we hope you enjoy your dance journey with us!

Find a class suitable for your needs and schedule – and join us!!

Salsa classes are on Tue, Wed, Thu, & Sun. Bachata classes are on Mon & Sat. Yoga is on Sat morning. Swing classes are organized 2 weeks in advance. check out our latest class schedule.

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New Intakes for Newbies

join our Sep 2022 intake session!
  • Salsa Level 1 (Thu 9pm) – free trial 18 Sep ’22, new class intake starts 15 Sep ’22 – contact Aisha 012-201-8690
  • Bachata Level 1 (Mon 8pm) – new class intake starts 5 Sep ’22 – contact Sam 012-280-6969

Class Schedule Updates

last updated 16/09/22 – contact us to help you schedule you time and our classes!
  • Salsa Level 1 “Basic” (partnerwork) classes are on Thu 9pm – contact Aisha 012-201-8690
  • Salsa Level 2 A/B/C “Beginners” (partnerwork) classes are on Tue 8pm / Tue 9pm / Wed 9pm / Sun 3pm – contact Aisha 012-201-8690
  • Salsa Level 3 “Adv Beg 1” (partnerwork) classes are on Sun 3pm and Tue 9pm – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Salsa Level 5 “Intermediate” with Sam & Aisha on Sun 4:00-5:15pm – by invite only
  • Ladies Styling Class (Open Lvl) is on Thu 8pm – contact Aisha 012-201-8690 – open to all!
  • Bachata Level 1 “Basic” class is on Mon 8pm – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Bachata Level 2 “Beginners” class is on Sat 2pm and Mon 8pm – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Bachata Level 2B “Beginners Plus” class is on Mon 9:00-10:15pm – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Bachata Lvl3 “Adv Beginner” with Priscilla & Sam is on Sat 3:00-4:15pm – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Bachata Lvl5 “Intermediate” with Priscilla & Sam is on Sat 4-5:30pm by invite only
  • Rueda De Casino Level 2 “Beginners” is on Wed 8pm with Yuki & Sam – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Shines Lvl2 “Beginners” (solo work) will be on Sun 2pm and Tue 8pm – Salsa experience recommended, Shines experience not required – contact Sam 012-280-6969
  • Salsa Performance Class with Sam & Aisha – by invite only
  • Bachata Performance Class with Sam & Priscilla – by invite only

New Additions / Changes

  • Shines Lvl2 “Beginners” (solo work) will be starting in Oct 2022 at Sun 2pm and Tue 8pm – it’s going to be so amazing!
  • our Salsa & Bachata socials is every last Sat of the month!!

next closure / major holiday – none coming up soon

newbies, returning students, and students from other studios are welcome!! contact us via Whatsapp, Telegram, call, or check out our social media!

Salsa Level 1 Thu 9pm starts 15 Sep- NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – contact Aisha 012-201-8690
Rueda De Casino is on Wed 8pm and 9pm (2 Levels) – Salsa Experience Required – contact Sam 012-280-6969

(picture above: Sam, KL Caliente, and Rueda students from Havana Estudio at an Intl Flashmob at Publika Solaris Dutamas)

Bachata Level 1 Mon 8pm starts 5 Sep – NO EXERIENCE NECESSARY – contact Sam 012-280-6969
Ladies Styling (Open Level) is on Thu 8pm – contact Aisha 012-201-8690

(picture above: Aisha dancing with her students in a Choreography at our studio social)

Newbie Level 1 Classes

Aisha’s Salsa Lvl1 class Sun 2pm (Oct’21)
  • no experience required
  • RM120 / 4 classes (consecutive weeks)

Salsa Level 1 – next intake:

  • Thu 9pm starting 15 Sep 2022

please contact Aisha 012-201-8690 to get some info / discuss your registration / class fees

Bachata Level 1 – next intake:

  • Mon 8pm starting 05 Sep 2022

Please contact Sam 012-280-6969

Complete Level 1 (Basic) and then continue with Partnerwork Lvl2 and above or Shines Lvl2 classes

Core Partnerwork – Salsa & Bachata Classes

Sam’s Salsa “Adv Beg” class Tue 9pm (Oct’21)
  • experience required / different levels available
  • join us on our start date
  • sometimes accepts students after start date
  • RM240 / 8 classes – consecutive weeks (recommended)
  • RM40 drop-in

Salsa partnerwork classes

  • Salsa Lvl 2 “Beginners” – Tue 9pm / Tue 8pm / Wed 9pm / Sun 3pm (Aisha)
  • Salsa Lvl3 “Adv Beg” 1 (Lvl 3)” – Sun 3pm / Tue 9pm (Sam)
  • Salsa Lvl5 “Intermediate” (Lvl 5)” – by invitation only – Sun 4pm (Aisha & Sam)

Bachata partnerwork classes

  • Bachata Lvl 1 “Basic” – Mon 8pm (Sam)
  • Bachata Lvl 2 “Beginner” – Sat 2pm or/and Mon 9pm (Sam)
  • Bachata Lvl3 “Adv Beginner” – Sat 3:00-4:15pm (Priscilla & Sam)

Solo Shines / Spins / Ladies Styling Classes

Sam’s join-anytime Shines class Tue 7pm (Nov’21)
  • Salsa experience is recommended but not required
  • generally- Salsa Lvl 2 students enjoy Shines Lvl 1, etc
  • RM40 drop-in

Shines / Salsa solo classes

  • Shines Lvl 1 “Basic” – currently not offered, students need to complete Salsa Lvl1 (4 classes) or some salsa experience before doing Shines Lvl2
  • Shines Lvl 2 “Beginners” – Sun 2pm (starting 2 Oct) or Tue 8pm (starting 4 Oct)
  • Shines Lvl 3 “Adv Beginner” – TBA

contact Sam 012-280-6969

Ladies Styling class

  • Thu 8pm

contact Aisha 012-201-8690

Spins, Afro, & Body Movement class

  • Sun 5:30pm

contact Aisha 012-201-8690

Specialty Classes

Dips, Lifts, Tricks workshop (Dec’21)
  • seasonal programs, expands on our Core classes
  • not part of VIP and other packages

Performance Teams

Bachateros De Havana “Indigo” (Aug’22)
Team Tumbao S2 “Tres Maria” (Jul’22)
Team Tumbao S1 “Sera Que No Me Amas”(Dec’21)
  • students selected from our dance programs
  • short term training / project basis
  • students from other studios are welcome

Class Schedule

last updated 16/09/22
last updated 16/09/22

Contact Us

  • Aisha 012-201-8690 (Salsa / Ladies Styling / Privates)
  • Priscilla 011-2891-2096 (Bachata)
  • Sam 012-280-6969 (Shines / Salsa / Bachata / Rueda / Privates)
  • Iylia 012-329-1915 (Swing)
  • Monika 012-201-5070 (Yoga)
  • Sam 012-280-6969 (General Enquiry / Rental / Performances)

Social Media

Student Testimonials

“best instructors for Salsa and Bachata”

Joesephiine Chor ’17

“.. so passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students. Love the classes!!”

Malini Tharumalingam ’19

“Amazing society and teachers! Great for beginner, intermediate and advance dancers. Absolutely recommend this studio.”

Fadi Al-Zawadi ’18

“very conducive place to learn salsa with a dedicated team of instructors, well-structured syllabus, friendly peeps and good vibes!”

Loo Chee Lum ’13

“definitely the place for even absolute beginners , see how salsa πŸ’ƒπŸ» changes your life – it’s magical ❀️”

Mayin Chan ’18

“Friendly and motivating teachers like Sam make learning salsa and bachata a whole lot of fun! Amazing place with dedicated instructors and classmates!”

Sheena Dina Rizal ’16

“The Best salsa school 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

Natalie Pangadiansjah ’18


Havana Estudio was established by Sherrie De Korte on 18 April 1998

About Us

Artistic Director Sam Sopiee heads the Salsa, Bachata, Shines, Rueda, and Performance programs. With our Directors Aisha (Salsa, Afro, Spins, Ladies Styling), and Priscilla (Bachata), and our associates at Naturosuisse Consult, KL Swing, LindyKL, etc – more programmes coming soon in 2022!

Get In Touch

General Enquiries (wa/tg)
+60 (12) 280-6969

Admin (wa/tg)
+60 (12) 901-8690

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56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

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